Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda) goes bald!

Cynthia Nixon, the actress who is most famous for her role as Miranda on Sex and The City, recently made an appearance on The Regis and Kelly Show with a bit of a surprise in store for the hosts… she is completely bald! Nixon is shaving her head daily for her starring role in a Broadway production about a professor stricken with cancer. Whereas most actresses wouldn’t dream of parting ways with their luscious locks, Nixon seems to be taking the change quite well and is all smiles! You have to admit that she does have a lovely shaped head. 

Regardless of the look, we salute Nixon for taking the role so seriously and in totally changing her daily life to sympathize with the character she is playing. We hope her look gives strength to those fighting this terrible illness.

Here’s a look at Cynthia Nixon’s interview on the show…


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