Christian Dior Couture Spring 2012… Dior is back!!!

I feel we’re all victims of an elaborate hustle at the house of Dior! Who can forget the hodge podge show that was thrown together last July after Galliano’s abrubt departure from the helm of creative at Christian Dior? The critics went mad and twitter was alive with fans all but throwing tomatoes at images of the looks that were presented on the catwalk. Bill Gaytten’s first attempt at taking over from Galliano was in no way a failure but it was making a lot of people in the industry scratch their heads and wonder how he could get it so wrong after 16 years at Galliano’s side. 

But having seen the pictures of the Christian Dior show that took place in Paris yesterday, I can’t believe we’re looking at pieces from the same designer. So you’ll see why I believe we are victims of an elaborate hoax (I jest, of course). The looks for Christian Dior Spring Couture 2012 are fresh, feminine and all together marvellous. I’m certainly not the only one to think so as the morning papers and online reports are all giving the collection multple thumbs up. Not only that but several dresses are getting the Academy Awards nod with mentions of this piece or that being a perfect fit for the red carpet. Congratulations to Mr. Gaytten and the entire Dior team for a sensational runway!


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