The Artist… a fashionable movie!

This weekend, as The Golden Globes were just starting in Hollywood, I was parked in a movie theatre in London watching The Artist. As I sat down to view the movie I must admit I was sceptical of seeing a silent film. From the moment the movie started I found it hard to concentrate as I could hear every sneeze, cough, mobile phone text or loud popcorn chew around me. I’ll be honest and say this didn’t help with the experience and I somewhat blame the theatre that I chose for seeing such a movie as it’s clear to me now that the sound system should have been of better quality. So first hint in seeing this movie – choose a theatre that has  an unparallelled sound system!

However, the magic of this film was not only found in the story itself but in the beautiful cinematography and the absolutely sensational fashion! On Sunday night, The Artist won three Golden Globes including the prized “Best Comedy or Musical”.  This morning The Artist was nominated for a BAFTA in best costume design thanks to the man behind the costume magic Mark Bridges. 

In all my years of enjoying film I have never wanted a movie to win this award more! The costumes in The Artist are truly spectacular and you can only imagine that undertaking such a project could not have been easy. When was the last time a costume designer had to think about creating costumes for a movie filmed entirely in black and white not to mention without sound?  The costumes really had to play a part in speaking for the characters themselves. This doesn’t happen every day and it is certainly a challenge to create looks that will really shine in such a medium. Mark Bridges captured the 1920s and 30s in a way that makes you forget you are actually watching the movie in present day.

So bottom line, if you love fashion and romance than this is a movie you’ll definitely enjoy! Here’s a look at Bridges’ design in action in the trailer…

Images courtesy of The Weinstein Company


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