Animal Print, Neon & Dolce & Gabbana, oh my!

I’m willing to make a bet with you guys here. If you don’t see this scarf  from Dolce & Gabbana at least once during fashion week I’ll eat my Louis Vuitton leopard print shawl. This is HOT! Animal print and neon together in one accessory. I almost can’t believe my very own eyes. If Stefano or Domenico were here right now I’d give them a great big kiss and a hug for creating such an item. 

It’s a piece you will see more than once and that’s a guarantee (oh and don’t worry… I’m making sure I don’t have to do any shawl eating as I’ve just bought my very own…so that’s your guarantee that you’ll see this out and about at LFW, PFW and NYFW…yes, I plan on being a repeat offender).


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