Amy Winehouse’s father furious at Gaultier’s tribute

Wow! This is totally unexpected… The Sun this morning have made Amy Winehouse’s father front page news as he announces he is furious over Jeal Paul Gaultier’s “tribute” fashion show to Amy for his Spring Couture 2012 collection. Amy’s father Mitch says “This is purely about Gaultier making money, and that’s wrong.” 

Where to start on this one. Who’s worse, Gaultier or Amy’s father? Both are using the legend who left us too soon to make front page headlines. We certainly would have never expected the Winehouse family to be upset by such an elaborate tribute to the superstar but then again we all grieve in different ways. From a public perspective: what Gaultier did was remind the world of the great loss we all suffered last year in saying goodbye to a talented musician. Should he have asked permission from the family or made a donation to charity alongside the show? Of course, that would have been the right way to go about things…and who knows, maybe things have already been “corrected”.


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