Alexa Chung covers Company February 2012…and a look at the magazine’s new layout!

Company magazine has a whole new look for February 2012 and Alexa Chung is the cover girl bringing them into a superior layout. FFG was sent a special preview copy of the magazine to check out the new layout and feel of the magazine before it hit news agents this week. I say “feel” because the magazine technically isn’t a glossy anymore as the paper has gone from gloss to a new texture entirely. I’m no paper expert but I will say I absolutely love the new feel.

My history with Company is a funny one. I’ve been reading the magazine for a few years now and I blame it all on Mr. FFG. Long before he became the BF of a fashion goose, Mr. FFG was featured as one of the top bachelors of London in the magazine. This was back in the days when we were the best of friends. I figured then that the magazine was worthy of reading as it obviously had superior taste in men…then I took their London bachelor away from the “available” category. I digress. 

Flipping through the new Company I find myself mesmerised by the numerous street style features and the wonderful inclusion of fashion bloggers throughout! The visuals are complex and compelling and draw the reader into the page that makes you feel like you’re reading a fashion scrapbook rather than a stuffy old magazine. I absolutely love that about the new design.

Company has kindly provided us with a few images to showcase the new look…what do you think? Ready to subscribe?


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