Vogue shows another side of Marc Jacobs

On Vogue.com there is an article that every fan of Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton should read immediately! Jonathan Van Meter has shadowed Marc Jacobs in the run up to his shows in New York and Paris and the result is a stunning article on the designer that shows a side very few ever get to see up close and personal.

In the article Jonathan discusses the magic backstage at Vuitton:

“I make my way backstage, and the roar is unreal. There are people drinking champagne, models undressing, hors d’oeuvres being passed. Kate Moss stalks past, looking bewitched. I find Jacobs at the center of a crush of editors, friends, celebrities, all pushing in toward him. By the time I get squeezed up to him, he is maniacally smiling and laughing, his eyes lit with the kind of joy that a boy who has just scored his first home run might evince: I did it!”

Marc Jacobs comments on the rumours that he was moving to Dior:

“I am at Vuitton, and I am very happy there,” says Jacobs. “I’ve been saying that for a long time. There have been on-and-off conversations about Dior. I don’t know; maybe someday in the future, maybe years from now, I may end up going someplace else, maybe Dior. But right now I am at Vuitton, and all that matters to me is that that’s where I am and I’m going to keep doing my thing.” 

The article even goes into Jacobs’ past and the road he’s travelled to get him to the man we all know and love today!

Read the article in full here.


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