Upper Street now offer flats!

Last year I designed my first pair of heels! No, it wasn’t a special collaboration with a brand. It was actually one of the most fantastic websites around that allows for everyone to design their own shoes from scratch – Upper Street! I took to designing like a duck to water (insert laughter here at us being geese). Now as this goose is already 6’2 without shoes, the heels have only come out for special occasions. This has weighed upon me heavily as they are so beautiful and deserve some serious street time. 

However, my Upper Street addiction has changed courses now that they’ve brought out the opportunity to design flat shoes (and they carry them up to a size 43 which is a ray of sunshine for women with larger feet). When I first heard from Upper Street about this new initiative I literally squealed! I am a flat shoe addict and am always on the look out for the perfect pair. But being able to design my own takes shoe shopping to a new level of fun and a fresh level of satisfaction! 

So I set to designing and I don’t think you’ll be at all surprised with the outcome, which is pictured above! Leopard is a must! When I saw studs as an additional option I nearly screamed in excitement. However, on the website they only offer silver studs. I so sweetly asked if it would be possible to change them to gold and because Upper Street is absolutely ace at customer service they granted my wish! I then pleaded with them to make this option available to the masses. So if you’re keen to have gold studs instead of silver, just mention it in the notes and tell them FFG sent you 😉

Get on this ladies as these flats are life changing (not to mention comfortable)… and for the boys… this is the perfect Christmas present for your lady!



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