Reader dilemma: Party Dresses for larger sizes

I received an email this morning from a frustrated reader. She had money to spend on a great holiday dress but found herself in a bit of a pickle with her dress size falling in at an 18. What frustrated me greatly was the fact that she made a valid point about FFG, that I rarely speak about sizes on the blog when it comes to purchasing clothes. Women come in all shapes and truly size is just a number. However, when it comes to high end clothing sizes easily leave out a large chunk of today’s women who have high disposable incomes and a desire to dress in a chic manner. As I’m 6’2 and wear a 12/14 (and was at one point a 16/18), I am no stranger to this problem of having money to spend but finding nowhere to spend it. It seems most places that sell dresses over a size 14 these days have the idea that women over that size only want to wear tents! Designers, you should be ashamed. 

Now before I suggest an immediate solution for Christmas party dressing, let me just say that this battle does not end here. I’ve been talking to PRs, designers, market researchers and more about tackling this dilemma head on. So you’ll be hearing a lot more about sizes from me in the future. For now, however, please know that the reason it hasn’t been as openly discussed as of yet is because I want to come to the table here with a solution, not just a topic for debate!

So back to the problem presented. Where to find women’s dresses in a size 18? A good friend of mine, who happens to be one of the most fashionable ladies around, wears a size 20 and swears by Simply Be. Their sizes range from 10 all the way up to a 32, so if you find yourself size hunting, I think you’ll find these guys have you pretty well covered.

I wrote a long and involved email back to my reader in distress this morning and I think she got a bit more than she bargained for from me. Remember ladies, what it says on the label means absolutely nothing. How you work the dress and wear your own confidence says it all!


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