Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall 2012

It’s hard to believe this is only Rachel Zoe’s fourth collection. Anyone taking a first glance would think she’s a seasoned professional! But then again, many would argue she has been designing for years when considering the way she has completely transformed the landscape of style in Hollywood (and the rest of the world for that matter). Her pre-fall collection for 2012 still features that lovely boho-chic 1970s feel that Rachel is known for but with an updated feel that shows her progression as a designer. There is a wonderful attention to form and structure with the clothing that gives the pieces a bit of a kick forward but doesn’t take them out of the realm of  “classic!” Once again it’s easy to see how each and every piece would be an “investment” as these garments are truly timeless in the fabrics Zoe uses, the shapes she cuts and the colour combinations presented.


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