Louis Vuitton sues for Hangover 2 luggage scenes

Louis Vuitton has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for their usage of Louis Vuitton luggage in Hangover 2 (see video above). The Guardian reported this morning that Louis Vuitton believes the catchphrase “careful, that is a Louis Vuitton” has damaged their image. They are claiming it has caused trademark dilution, false designations of orgin and unfair competition. The phrase has caught on with the masses since the movie’s release. Airports the world over are now full of frat boys laughing and mockingly remarking “careful, that is a Louis Vuitton”.

And to make matters worse, the producers didn’t even use real Louis Vuitton bags but used knockoffs instead!!! Yikes!

Vuitton is asking for a share of the profits from the movie. That could be a sizable cheque as the movie made $581million worldwide!


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