Karlie Kloss Italian Vogue nude video is causing quite the commotion

As if the photoshoot itself wasn’t causing enough of a stir in the world of fashion, now Vogue Italia has released a behind the scenes video of Karlie Kloss in action as she stars in her first nude photoshoot for the December 2011 issue. There were rumours that images were photoshopped to make Karlie look skinnier than she actually is but we must say, after watching this video, it appears they may have photoshopped her to add flesh not remove it! The comments that come along with this video really say it all. Youtubers have posted notes of disgust at Karlie’s skinny figure and others have defended her appearance. It’s a soap opera for the masses for it’s only getting more heated with each passing moment! What’s your take on the whole situation?


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