Janet Jackson for Nutrisystem…another diet, another dollar?

It was announced today that Janet Jackson is the new face of Nutrisystem. Sorry to sound like a skeptic but I believe we’ve been here before. Celebrities and weight loss companies seem to be the gift that keeps on giving these days. Recently we had Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers (the best alliance to date, if we may add). Then we had reports that Jessica Simpson had also signed up to Weight Watchers to lose her baby…once said baby is finally delivered. And now we have Janet Jackson showing up for Nutrisystem. There’s no point beating around the bush here. Janet Jackson has had a very public battle with her weight gain and weight loss over the years. We’re certainly happy to see her getting back in shape and staying there in 2011.

But we can’t help but feel like for most celebs these days there’s no greater motivation than the colour of money for becoming a yo-yo weight gainer these days. Gain fifty pounds? Yeah, you’ll get some flack for it. But at the end of the day you’ll sign a multi million dollar weight loss contract to lose it all and promote a product. It just leaves a sour taste in your mouth as a consumer. It’s all just one big money making machine. The greatest motivation for the general public would be seeing an average joe up there on a billboard saying, “hey, I’m broke but I got my sh*t together and lost the weight like everyone else should…but not eating junk and by running around my neighbourhood at night.”

Here’s a video of Janet Jackson talking about her battle with her weight and her new affiliation with Nutrisystem on Good Morning America:

Images: Nutrisystem


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