Hermès pops up in Harrods

Hermès has been sold in Harrods for 20 years now and to celebrate such a fabulous occasion, the two have teamed up to launch an exclusive pop-up shop! The pop-up is located in the luxury halls of Harrods in Knightsbridge and features a decor that could only come from the clever duo. Everything from the carpets below your feet to the scarves hanging above your head scream Hermès! And as if shopping for Hermès wasn’t enough for an experience, you can also sit and get styled by one of the Hermès experts who claim they can create over 1,000 looks using an Hermès scarf! Then you get to step into the spotlight and have your picture snapped with the pop-up photographer. Happy scarf-ing ladies and gents! And if you do pop in please share your pictures!{Shop open from 5th December-2nd January}


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