Ford celebrates 100 years in Britain in the most fashionable way possible!

This isn’t exactly what you would expect to see when someone says “Ford is releasing a new model”! To celebrate 100 years in Britain, Ford Motor Company have commissioned a car parts dress and necklace from two up and coming designers in the UK. I must saw I never thought I’d see car parts used as fashion accessories in my lifetime! But the finished product is pretty captivating!

First up we have Judy Clark who was responsible for making the dress! Judy has previously worked with the late Alexander McQueen and has showcased her own work internationally over the years. “My reaction when they approached me was one of delight to be a part of such a unique project as it’s very different to what I normally do,” Clark said. “I would say that the inspiration for the dress was taken from the Edwardian period and I actually started to design the dress before the car parts arrived.” 

Then we have Katherine Hawkins from Creme Nouveau, who was responsible for creating a necklace for the model! “When the box of car parts arrived, I didn’t really know what to expect,” Hawkins said. “It doesn’t help that I can’t actually drive so at first I didn’t know what the parts were for! But once I got them spread out to see how they look and sit and how I could work with them, the idea came very quickly and I was able to use really cool metals, plastics and rubbery bits!”

Here’s a cool video that talks more about the project and the work behind it…

Images: Andy Fallon


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