First Look: Tommy Hilfiger Knightsbridge!

This morning I had the great honour in being invited to have breakfast with Tommy Hilfiger at his new store in Knightsbridge. The store itself is phenomenal but of course the highlight was meeting the man behind the magic! I think I may have blushed a little when we met. Hey, what do you expect when you meet a fashion icon whose clothes you have been wearing for years? Let’s just say we’re lucky I didn’t declare my undying love for the man and the brand. So we cleared a big hurdle there. Moving swiftly on…

I did get to take a tour of the new store and I will say it’s one of the most impressive retail outlets I’ve come across. Every detail is thought out and put together in the most fashionable way imaginable. 

Here’s your own personal tour through London’s new Tommy Hilfiger hotspot! Enjoy and make sure you visit! It’s just outside of Knightsbridge station, a stone’s throw from Harrod’s.


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