Finally found my hair angel: BaByliss Big Hair Styler

I don’t have to tell you, readers, that I’m obsessed with finding the perfect blowout. Over the past two years you’ve followed me on a journey that has seen me sitting in swivel chairs in dozens of salons from London to New York. I’ve had some winners and I’ve had some losers but I’ve also parted with a great deal of cash in sifting out the good from the bad and the ugly. The bottom line here was that I thought I wasn’t capable of giving myself a finished look with my hair. I thought I needed the help of someone else. My dark locks go half way to my hips these days and if I’m being honest, I don’t have the energy to try anymore. I leave my hair to the hands of the experts and go on my merry way feeling like I’ve made an investment in time every moment I hand over my American Express.

Oh but my goodness has that all changed inside of just 48 hours. The lovely tool you see pictured above is one I’m recommending every single one of you invest in. 

Let me give a brief back story. I’ve tried these rotating hair dryer/brush things before. Let’s just say the last trial ended with me, a pair of scissors and three days of crying. Every time I’ve seen a mechanical rotating brush since that day I’ve felt a bit sick to my stomach. Then the other day I logged onto Beauty and The Dirt and saw Krista Madden using the BaByliss Big Hair Styler and she didn’t seem to be having any problems whatsoever. Now, this is where I believe what I should have done is read the instructions manual that first time around. So having accepted that maybe I’m a bit of an idiot for giving something a go without properly training myself, I decided to try out the BaByliss Big Styler for myself. Honestly, we’re talking about a whole new animal here when it comes to a styler. 

I used the BaByliss styler before Mr FFG’s birthday party on Saturday night as I thought it was as good a time as any to give a new style a go. I dried my hair so that it was nearly dry and I created eight loose sections with clips thinking I should be regimented in my approach. The first few twirls were interesting. I was finding my feet, or actually finding my fingers on the buttons. You have to get used to the coordination that is required and then it is honestly smooth sailing from there. I swear to you I am the least coordinated person and if I can do this anyone can! I worked my way through the bottom parts slowly and learnt the give and take with the brush and my hair. I have VERY long and thick hair and the brush was having a bit of a battle rotating against the weight. But where this machine really shined brightly was at the roots and the ends of the hair. The volume that was created was incredible and the lovely curl at the end of the hair looked salon perfect! And in reality I didn’t need to do any sectioning at all with the hair. The styler seemed to work find with random chunks of hair thrown in. It’s a machine that seems to know we all struggle in the morning and the last thing we need is an extra step involving creating sections!

So why do I mention that I test drove my BaByliss Big Hair Styler blowout last Saturday? Well, it’s Monday night as I write this and I am glancing over at the mirror in complete disbelief as my hair looks just as good as it did on Saturday night!

Salons and blow dry bars be warned, BaByliss is coming for you! It’s already claimed one of your biggest spenders…me!

Note: The BaByliss Big Hair Styler costs the same as one blowout…now THAT is a BARGAIN! BaByliss Big Hair Styler (available in the UK on Amazon for £33 and in the USA at Target for $59.99)


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