Draper’s think “The Only Way is Essex” cast are fashion influencers

Now I ask you…do you think these people belong in a top 100 list for fashion influencers?

The scary thing is that Draper’s isn’t at all wrong! They are 100% spot on for naming the cast of The Only Way is Essex as fashion influencers. It seems like everyone in the cast has some sort of hand in the world of fashion from a lingerie store owner to a salon startup. Hell, one even went with Vajazzling! We may not count them as the most fashionable amongst Britons but they certainly are influencing a generation of viewers who have started taking to the streets in dresses tight enough to suffocate the masses, shorts small enough to show the world your special Vajazzling and hair and makeup so loaded with products that you are single handedly keeping the beauty industry in business!

If you need to analyze this a little more, check out the cast singing you a Christmas carol…


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