Dinner at The Cuckoo Club in London

This week Fashion Foie Gras was invited to mingle with birds of a different feather at the new The Cuckoo Club in London! It’s been completely revamped and has a fresh new look complete with “booby trap” wallpaper and a menu that has me drooling as I edit all the pictures. I am going to warn you up front here, people! This is food porn! You will want to indulge. So if you can’t hack it I suggest you close this window now and go on with your merry day. 

The cocktails at The Cuckoo Club were amazing. But that was to be expected. I can’t quite tell you which ones were the best but I can tell you that we made our way through the menu and there wasn’t one that I wouldn’t be pleased to serve at my own party.  Being an American I was particularly critical when it came to the Burger sliders, french fries and sweet potato fries. I eyed them up as they made their way to the table and wondered if they’d be up to scratch! My taste buds gave out a cry of approval with each first bite. I must admit I’m now thinking of making this a regular haunt.

The fun continued as we were given gorgeous tid bits here and there from the menu and by the time the desserts came around I wasn’t sure if I could squeeze even a single bite in. That was of course until I saw that the desserts included Sticky Toffee Pudding and a wonderful chocolate concoction! Then my stomach seemed to open up a new wing entirely as I plowed through spoonful after spoonful.

So what was the end result? Well, let’s just say I am running out to rejoin my gym this morning as this may have been my first time at The Cuckoo Club but it certainly won’t be my last! 


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