Come see me at Coach on New Bond Street this weekend!

Come one, come all, to see the great Fashion Foie Gras! Ok, I couldn’t help myself there. It rhymed so I went with it. I certainly don’t mean to sound like I’m asking you to visit a circus freak. In fact, I’m inviting you to come into the New Bond Street Coach store this weekend for some help with Christmas shopping. Although all you really need to buy this year is a Fashion Foie Gras tote…for everyone you know!

From 2-4pm this Saturday, 3rd December 2011, I will be in store along with my Fashion Foie Gras Tote and the gorgeous photo booth we all had so much fun with at the party. So if you couldn’t come to the party, or you didn’t get a chance to really check the tote out, or even let’s say you didn’t get to use the photobooth at the party…then you have three great possible excuses to come down and see me! 

It would be lovely to see any and all of you and to show you around the great collections Coach have in store at the moment (yes, there are actually other bags in store besides this beauty). I might also have a few other tricks up my sleeve for the day that I can’t tell you about… hint hint!

NO RSVP REQUIRED! Just come on down and say hello! I’ll be the tall one holding the bag and gesturing like Vanna White on The Wheel of Fortune. Truly I missed my calling in life!

PS. If you are in the USA, the bag is currently available to buy online!


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