Bargain du Jour: Topshop Studded Slippers

If you’re not into the whole “stud” trend that’s circling the globe, you might want to read another blog for a few months as I am 100% obsessed with this trend and will be writing about it constantly until it dies a slow death in the back of our fashionable wardrobes! Up until the past few months, it’s been tough to buy into the stud trend without spending a good chunk of change. Thank goodness for the highstreet! They’ve jumped on this trend swiftly and are bringing us some real bargains. The latest is from Topshop with their studded slippers at only £28! I don’t think I have to tell you who these are modelled after but I can tell you that you’d have to add a zero to that price and then double it before you are in the same price range. So that’s why it’s not just the bargain of the day, it’s the bargain of the century!


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