Anna Wintour’s interview: CBS News Sunday Morning

Last Sunday, Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles sat down with CBS New Sunday Morning to discuss everything Vogue including opening their archives to the public online, the history of the magazine and the new Vogue Covers book celebrating 120 years of the magazine! Bowles even shows us the first issue of Vogue from 1892, which featured a debutante as the cover model. 

“To be in Vogue has to mean something, ” Anna says as the interview begins. Wintour talks about pushing boundaries, including putting an image of an Israeli model in jeans on her very first cover. When Anna was asked about making the daring switch to putting celebrities on front covers she said she “doesn’t follow market research,” saying “in the end I do respond to my own instincts, sometime they’re successful and sometimes they’re not.”

Then came the moment to talk about the new online archive, which features every single Vogue magazine, in its entirety, from the past 120 years. Anna Wintour commented “a great fashion picture obviously reflects the times, just as much as the New York Times headlines and I think that’s what the archives will show.” If you the have a spare $1,500, the archive is yours for the taking. With over 400,000 pages featured in the archive, I must admit I’m tempted to part with the cash. However, soon subscribers will have access to a part of the archives, including the famed first issue!

The interview is available to view on Youtube now.


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