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This past weekend I spent my Friday and Saturday living the high life in Manchester at The Lowry. I’m not going to sugar coat this one or play nice and coy and act like it was just another press trip, woe is me. No sir, this is one of the most enjoyable weekends I have out and about in the UK and that’s a tough cookie to crack! On Friday afternoon I found myself running to Euston station to grab the post-work train to Manchester. As I settled into my seat to enjoy a glass of red wine, I began reading over the plan for the weekend. It looked like a rigorous schedule: arrival at the beautiful Lowry in Manchester, dinner with fashionable friends followed by drinks and dancing, breakfast in bed the next day, a morning of shopping and finally a wonderful spa adventure just to make sure we were getting too tense throughout our stay! Oh and did I mention that we had the great pleasure of doing this beside the uber fabulous Brix Smith-Start, a woman I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with? 

This was a trip that was about as hard to stomach as a chocolate covered strawberry. Ok, read that as not hard at all! The Lowry has recently collaborated with Brix on a shopping guide for the city and have put together some pretty impressive offers when it comes to discounts in and around the shopping districts of Manchester. We were there to take a taste of the good life in Manchester, thanks to The Lowry’s Fashion Package, and I have to say I was tempted to give up my return ticket to London! There are only really three things I look for in the perfect city – 1. a great shopping district 2. good bars and restaurants 3. character. Manchester was overflowing in all three areas. Now if we could make my stay at The Lowry a more permanent sort of thing I think we might have something! 

The Lowry is a modern hotel. There are no two ways about that. This is a hotel that doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to contemporary design and modern day conveniences. I should also mention they’ve managed to find the world’s most comfortable beds. I slept like a baby. I then awoke to the smell of pancakes and bacon from room service and after finishing the breakfast delicacies I stepped into my walk in closet to select the day’s attire. Do you see how this chain of events may have led me to believe I had died and gone to heaven? I could go on and on. It was bliss. 

Now on to the idea of shopping in Manchester because this is one thing I really do want to touch on. The Lowry truly is perfectly located for those hoping to spend their trip shopping. Walk in any direction from the hotel and you’ll find yourself in a hotspot for fashion. The first place we visited was a five minute walk from the hotel itself and also happened to be the shop where I found myself in the most trouble. All it took was trying on one coat and Brix Smith-Start was throwing in her two cents on my style. I swear that woman could make a monkey stylish if the job presented itself. All it took was one flick of the collar and a tightening of the waist and I was sold (and penniless). I tried my best to control myself throughout the rest of our shopping adventure but instead I was keeping a list in my mind of all the things I’d start saving for and thinking about when I could make my next trip. And can I just say… did you know Manchester has a Selfridges and a Harvey Nichols? It’s clear I have so much to learn about cities outside of London but I’m getting there slowly.

I can’t thank the Lowry enough for such a wonderful stay at the hotel! I’ll be back, that much I can guarantee. For those who are travelling to Manchester, for business or pleasure, this is one hotel that gets our seal of approval. From the moment we were greeted at the front door until the last moment we stepped into our final transport, everything felt so easy and relaxed. That is always the measure of an outstanding hotel. A service that leaves you feeling lighter than when you arrived is one that deserves a standing ovation. The Lowry is THE ONLY hotel that we’ll ever call home when in Manchester. 

Here’s some quick little pics that give you an idea of why….

For those wishing to partake in a weekend of shopping splendour in Manchester, prices for The Manchester Fashion Package start at £195 per night based on two people sharing and includes:

– Brix Smith Start’s Guide to Fashionable Manchester

-Fashionistas Cocktail for two in the River Bar

-One night accommodation in a deluxe king bedroom, breakfast included

-Early Check-in and late check-out

Upgrade to a superior room

For further information or to book, contact The Lowry Hotel, 0870 460 5040, quoting Fashion Manchester.


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