The makeup artist behind Duran Duran for Girl Panic

Sometimes it feels horrible having such incredibly talented friends. Like when you call your best mate, who also happens to be a talented makeup artist, and ask her what she’s up to only to be met with, “working on Duran Duran, can’t talk.” The green eyed monster comes out to play! But then again your heart also fills with joy for those around you that have worked so hard to get where they are at that very moment. Miss Emma Day is one of those individuals and we asked her what exactly was going through her head at the moment she found out she’d be working Duran Duran and any secrets she could share. Of course the secrets are limited as she’s a celebrity makeup artist and descretion is almost as important as the tricks used on set! So here’s what Emma had to say…

” Earlier this year I got a rather excitable call from my agent. She told me that Duran Duran were to be shooting a video for their song “Girl panic” in a luxurious hotel in central London with a a raft of the original super-models and wanted to put an option on for me to work with them. I had already worked with the band and I think everybody who has met them can safely say, they are completely lovely people with no airs and graces, very easy to work with and comfortable to be around. Occasionally work options come in that you get so excited about, you feel like you are going to burst and you also don’t want to tell anyone incase they don’t happen. In this case, it was significantly exciting as Duran Duran were all over my walls as a kid – I was a dorky fan and absolutely loved them. Coupled with that, the late 80s pictures in Vogue of the supermodels were the images that made me dream of somehow ending up in this fantasy world of fashion that I wanted to work in. My option was to do the grooming (hair and makeup) for Duran. The final cherry in the cake was that the video was directed by the best promo Director around, Marcus Ackerlund (check spelling).

So when the green light happened, little did I know that I would spend two days of work that I don’t think I will ever forget. The buzz on set was unreal and from supermodel, to pop-star to make-up artist to runner – I think everyone who was there knew they were part of something very exciting and special. We were all prepared to put crazy hours in, we worked through the night in the gorgeous setting of the Savoy, the energy on set was fizzing but always at all time super friendly – everybody mucked in and everybody laughed together.  There are moments in my working life when I have to pinch myself and realise that I am extremely blessed to do what I do for a living….

I hope you enjoy the video……”

Emma used a mixture of her favourite kit products on the band – these included the ubiquitous Chanel kohl eye-liners in black and dark purple, Aqua Lumiere bases and Sublimage eye-cream. Darphin aromatic balm and Sisley Sisleya moisturiser, Estee lauder Day-wear moisturiser to prep, soothe and moisturise skin. Mac Prep and Prime was used to control shine. On the bands hair she used a mixture of Aveda and John Frieda hair products (Aveda Pure abundance being her favourite and used on all the band members).


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