Joe Zee thinks Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything?

Hmmmm. So we’ll clearly never see Kim Kardashian on the cover of Elle as long as Joe Zee is running things. However,  we do think this quote must be taken out of context and here’s why. Anyone that compares Lauren Conrad with Kim Karadashian will know they are one in the same. They are both products of reality television culture and they both more or less “do” the same thing. However, one would think that Kim Kardashian actually does have a lot more “on” at the moment as there isn’t a day that goes by when the Kardashian Klan aren’t launching something new somewhere in the world.

Joe Zee is one guy that definitely has his finger on the pulse so we can’t imagine he would make an uneducated statement such as the one above. But hey, you never know right?


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