Jaeger designs uniforms for Kensington Palace!

So first we hear the news that Wills and Kate will call Kensington Palace home! Now we hear that Jaeger are creating the new uniforms for all front of house staff! It’s almost too much to take in over 24 hours! So here are the details on the soon to be most fashionably outfitted staff. The new uniforms will be worn by around 50 staff in total and will be unveiled in March 2012, coinciding with the opening of the newly renovated palace!

Jaeger’s Design Director Stuart Stockdale created the ensembles with the help of curator Deirdre Murphy and an amazing archive of over 10,000 wardrobe pieces worn by royals! This is a collection of items that date from the 17th century to present day. If that isn’t a great load of inspiration I don’t know what is!

Stuart Stockdale, Creative Director at Jaeger, commented: “It’s a great honour to have had access to the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection at Kensington Palace. I have been inspired by centuries of royal and court style and married this with modernity to offer the Palace staff a bespoke uniform that they can feel proud of and enjoy wearing. The new uniform really tells a story and reflects Jaeger’s reputation for timeless and iconic designs that transcend time.”


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