How to Queue for Versace for H&M Collection at Selfridges….

It’s only a few days away now… Versace for H&M is coming! The first store to release a plan of action is actually Selfridges in London! They are expecting quite the queue for the launch of the collection on the 17th of November and they’re plan of action seems very clear and concise. For those planning on joining the Versace for H&M camp-out at Selfridges, here are the rules you’ll be planning by including timing, buying limitations and more!

Wristbands will be available from 7am onwards at the collection point on Edwards Mews. Customers are welcome to queue overnight if they so wish, to be the first in line to get the exclusive collection.

Wristbands will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. There are different colour wristbands with one for each group of 20 customers. Your colour determines when it’s your time to shop the collection. 

Each group will have 10 minutes to shop, with 5 minutes between slots. The wristbands are only for customers shopping the women’s collections and are used to shorten the queue and make your shopping easier. 

Further time slots will be made available if there is stock available to shop, these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

To make sure as many of our customers as possible get a chance to shop our designer collection, we have a limitation of items to buy per person. You can buy one of each item (accessories etc), and only in one size (garment/shoes). Please note that we cannot guarantee availability regardless of your place in line.


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