Gap makes youtube sensation Maria Aragon a campaign star

Gap is trying on a new campaign idea for size this Christmas as they release a video of kids dancing around a candy shop while youtube sensation Maria Aragon sings “I Want Candy.” Of course everyone seen in the video is outfitted head to toe in Gap Kids, as you would expect! It’s an adorable and addictive idea that will of course become an instant sensation across all social networks in no time. Also, if you’re going to see kids’ movies in America this Christmas you’ll become quit familiar with this little ditty as it will be playing nationwide before select films in theatres. 

If you’re wondering why Maria Aragon looks familiar it could be because this singing sensation broke new ground when she attracted the attention of Lady Gaga by posting this youtube video in February of this year. It’s received nearly 44 million views! 

She was later invited to sing with Lady Gaga on stage in concert…this, my friends, is the power of the digital age!


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