Fashion Rocks for Fashion Days Zurich… the big event!

Fashion Rocks officially took over Zurich on Saturday night, 12th November 2011! FFG made the trip out  from London in a whirlwind adventure that lasted all of 26 hours in total. But no complaints here as any chance we get to support The Princes’ Trust, we are 100% in no matter the travel or time involved!  The show itself was quite the production full of big names in entertainment from presenters to musicians. And of course we can’t forget the main attraction- Julien Macdonald! I’ve already shown you the behind-the-scenes footage of the setup, backstage and wonderful Julien hard at work in the fittings. It’s always amazing to me how easy everything looks on the night of these big events. They are flawlessly put together but it takes hours and hours of work to bring it all to such a level of perfection.

When we finished checking out the backstage setup, it was time for us to throw on a dress and spend a few moments enjoying the fabulous people of Zurich who had all bought tickets to attend the prestigious catwalk show. It was a full house from dinner to catwalk! Women came out dressed in their finest and had that incredible excitement in their eyes preparing for what they were about to experience. It’s not every day that one is presented with the opportunity to see Julien Macdonald in action! 

Julien’s dresses are in fact made for movement and life. When you see a Julien Macdonald dress on a hanger it cries out to you to be worn and cherished! As each model strolled down the catwalk her dress billowed in the wind behind her given the dresses the life they desired.  I could feel the women around me sharply inhaling as they saw a dress here or there that life wouldn’t be complete without. There was even one lady behind me who mistakenly grabbed my chair as she steadied herself! I’d like to think it was the dresses but I think she might have also had a slight thing for band! Aw, yes, the band! Hard-fi serenaded the girls as they walked and I must admit there did seem to be a bit more swagger in their strut as the band played on! The last model even jumped on stage with the band – not an easy thing to do when you’re wearing Macdonald’s finest!

It was all over to soon and before we knew it  Julien himself was making his way down the catwalk surrounded by gorgeous amazonian women dressed head to toe in his very own creations. It was a night to remember and definitely a night to share. So without further ado, here are some images from the evening (including the one above of me with the gorgeous Lisa Goodchild from Digiwoo).

{Images: Getty}


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