Fashion makes up a big part of a “woman’s heart”…

The American Antiquarian Society is currently showing an online exhibition titled “Beauty, Virtue and Vice: Images of Women in Nineteenth-Century American Prints“. What is on show is simply amazing and one item in particular, A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart D. W. Kellogg, c. 1833–1842, is worth noting!

The print is one which shows us the way women in the 19th century were displayed as creatures obsessed with fashion, love, admiration, hope, enthusiasm, inspiration and more! It’s all mapped out like a guide to understanding a complicated country. The American Antiquarian Society is quick to point out that although the print is labeled as having been created by ” A Lady”, it’s just as likely that a man was behind the creation of this print.

Our favourite part of the heart is that the city and district is “Love”. But coming in at a close second is the district of “The Love of Dress” with Satin Plains, Bonnet Ridge and Pyramids of Fashion. I wonder what the map would look like if recreated today? Maybe something like Cashmere City, McQueen Moutains, Louboutin Lake and Verace Valley?


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