Discovering Paula Rowan Gloves

Westfield London, in Shepherd’s Bush, has become a regular haunt for me these days. If I’m not attending an event there, I’m wondering the long shopping halls with my credit card at the ready and looking at how much further I can go into debt! Last weekend I tripped upon a lovely little pop-up just outside of Hugo Boss near The Village. It’s a shop all for gloves! I love little pop-ups like this that take one accessory and give you so many options that you never thought were possible! Paula Rowan does just that. I’m calling her the “Haute Hands”! I was shocked when I discovered dozens and dozens of different styles available.  It should of course make sense as a great pair of gloves is just an important as a great handbag. Why settle for regular old wool pull ons when you can play with yet another accessory to give you look a bit of spice? There were hot pink ones, fur ones, fingerless ones and shearling ones! So if you’re in the market for “Haute Hands” (man, I love what I’ve done there)… then stop into this pop-up shop in Westfield!


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