Celebs love Coach’s Bleecker Legacy Tote

Actually I shouldn’t say it’s only the celebs that love Coach’s Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote. This is a bag that everyone I know seems to lust after these days (that is of course until they see the soon to be revealed FFG / Coach Bag).  The Bleecker is actually a men’s bag but I don’t have to tell you how more and more women are turning their attention to the men’s department these days when it comes to leather goods. I first laid eyes on this bag in the men’s Coach store on Bleecker Street back in September. It’s a bag that truly screams “Coach heritage”. The leather is of another world and it’s a bag that truly does fit everything but the kitchen sink. So just in case you’re looking to treat yourself to the perfect bag this week, may I suggest checking out this man accessory? It’s masculine enough for a gentleman but so perfect for a feminine shoulder!


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