Carmen Dell’Orefice honoured at London College of Fashion

There is only one supermodel that comes to mind when we think of a career that seems to  have no start, middle or ending! Of course I am speaking of Carmen Dell’Orefice. She is a woman so beautiful one would think she came straight out of the womb ready made for a photo shoot! In my lifetime, she has always been in the limelight and has carried her fame with such style and grace. It is surprising that is has taken until now for someone to put together an exhibition that chronicles her life. Thank you, London College of Fashion, for finally making this happen! The exhibition made its debut on the 15th of November and has already been met with rave reviews. The pictures are all from Carmen’s personal archive and tell the story of a gorgeous New Yorker who has been in the business since 1945! The fashion royalty of London were all out on the 16th of November to honour Carmen and the work she has done for the industry. It was definitely a night to remember.

If you weren’t at the VIP evening and would like to see the exhibition you’re in luck as it runs through the 14th of January. Check out all the details on the LCF website.

{image credits: Alex Maguire}


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