X Factor Bullying…Should it matter? Hell yes!

Last night on the X factor contestant Misha B had her wrist slapped publicly by Tulisa for reports that she was bullying other contestants backstage (skip through to minute five in the video above). Now the bottom line here is that we weren’t shown whether or not that the claims were true. There was no camera footage showing any bullying behaviour. However, there were reports of contestants complaining that this was a problem and one of the judges, Tulisa, thought it best to address this problem.  First of all, bravo Tulisa for having the cojones to say something. And secondly, Gary and Kelly you should be ashamed of yourselves for saying you don’t care about what happens behind the scenes. Frankly, you are promoting an individual here and promoting everything that they are. If this person is in fact a bully, they should recognized as such immediately and told to shape up or ship out. They certainly should not be told it’s ok and to do whatever they need to do make it work! 

There are entire campaigns going around America at the moment to stop bullies. It’s a real problem. People’s lives are ruined on a daily basis by individuals that enjoy hurting others. Either we decide to stand against it and show these people that they have no power or you choose to look the other way which makes you just as bad as the actual bully.

I do hope that these are all just rumours. But here’s something to remember. Karma’s a bitch, people. You get back everything you give out. So instead of putting someone down try building someone up. I guarantee the feeling you get will be three thousand times more empowering!


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