The world’s most expensive backpack?

We can’t say for certain that this is world’s most expensive backpack. In fact, Kanye West showcased a fur backpack yesterday in his show which may make this backpack look like a bargain basement price! For the time being our eyes are bulging out of our heads at the thought of anyone paying £22,950 for a backpack! Yes it’s alligator and such extravagant pieces do come with extreme price tags! The piece is from the Row and it’s on sale at Net-a-Porter now should you feel compelled to carry a bag with a price that could easily buy you a very nice car! For those of you unfamiliar with The Row, it’s the brand created by the world’s richest twins – The Olsen Sisters. Incidentally, the twins also sat front row at the Kanye West show this weekend. I wonder if they were concerned his backpack would steal they’re super priced thunder!


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