Where to find boots for large calves?

Why I’ve been cursed with large calves I’ll never know. No one in my family seems to have this problem and it is quite the problem these days when it comes to fashion. Whether I’m ten pounds lighter or ten pounds heavier, my calves remain abnormally huge! So you can only imagine that when the sun goes into hiding for the winter months and the boots come out to keep us all warm I sometimes wish I could just go into hibernation for the season. I see stylish women with their tiny calves marching around town in beautiful boots and I get angry. I get angry for absolutely no reason as there’s nothing I can do to change my situation. Well, actually I’m sure some doctor in LA has found a cure for the oversized calf but I’m not willing to go that far to change my current predicament!

Last year I was more or less ready to give up the idea of ever buying stylish boots to fit my calves. I had found some companies that made boots for a larger calf but they were hideous! Honestly, ladies and gents, I was down for the count. But fate stepped in and a new contact in the biz suggested I check out a place called Duo Boots! If there was a brand that has absolutely revolutionized my winter experience, it’s Duo Boots. I can now buy boots that fit my calves perfectly and are in styles that are 100% on trend and fabulous! So I just wanted to give a shout out to a wonderful brand that really does mean the world to me and to possibly help any women that have the same problem as I do with calves! There is an answer! Don’t give up!!!

I went on a massive spree last week in store trying on every boot I laid eyes on. I’ll be sporting them out and about town as soon as they’re in! While in store I took a few shots to share of just what it is I’m screaming about…


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