Versace for H&M queuers to receive gifts

Versace for H&M’s launch is just around the corner and there’s already talk of people stocking up on tents, thermoses and big woolly socks! For many, sleeping outside an H&M the night before a big launch has become second nature. However, this year those who decide to queue will be handsomely rewarded even if they don’t make it inside on time to grab arms full of Versace! For the first 500 queuing customers at all Versace for H&M stocked stores, Versace has arranged a special little gift of Versace’s Yellow Diamond Fragrance. And for those of you that do make it inside and decide to rock a Versace look up and down for the foreseeable future, why not have the fragrance to finish off the obsession? We love it when there’s a happy ending for all! See you in the queue! Only three weeks left!!!


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