Urban Decay prepares a Midnight Emergency…

So while in London I am constantly moving between two residences – my own home and my boyfriend’s home. We live on two opposite ends of the city and I, being a fiercely independent woman, refuse to give my up my apartment. Queue the Destiny’s Child track! So when it comes to having anything in a an easily transportable case I am an absolute sucker! Therefore it’s quite easy to understand why I would love everything about Urban Decay’s new Midnight EmergencyI’m rubbish in general with choosing the right colour combinations and this pretty much takes all of the guess work out of for me. Not to mention the fact that there’s even a great lip plumping gloss included. That sort of tool can transform any quickly pulled together look (which I’m sporting all the time these days as I only get about four hours sleep with all these fashion goose requirements). And of course I have to admit that in general I love really creative names for eyeshadows and Urban Decay deliver here with their Midnight Cowboy and AC/DC. Just thought I’d share in case you gals on the move are looking for a similar kit. This one I can highly recommend!{on sale at Debenham’s for £28.00}


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