Today’s Fashion Quote from Iris Apfel

Oh Iris! Where do we start? I guess we’ll start by saying that we see where you were going with this quote. Some people shouldn’t wear certain clothes. There’s just no excuse for asses hanging out of jeans or chests falling out of tops. And there certainly are extreme cases where tight clothes do more to hurt someone’s figure than help! But claiming that anyone over a size 10 shouldn’t be able to wear stretch jeans is a bit of a shot in the dark. Our two cents here – as long as you aren’t a size 16 trying to fit into a size 10 jean you will be absolutely fine. We think what Iris was maybe trying to say was what we’ve been crying about all year long – the epidemic of the too tight stretch jean! There are women the world over that are wearing jeans and leggings so small that the fabric is stretched beyond coverage. This means that in actuality the leggings and jeans are covering nothing and yes, we can see every inch of that neon green thong you’re trying to pull off (sorry, that was an image on the tube this morning that was more than mildly disturbing). So the first time we’ll say, don’t listen to fashion icon Iris Apfel. Instead, follow the golden rule – wear the size you are! Then I pretty much guarantee you’ll be okay! Remember, ladies, you’re the only one that has to see the number inside the jean!

{Quote from Telegraph interview with Iris Apfel}


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