A special delivery from S. Pellegrino & Bulgari

When I received this box with a Bulgari clasp on the outside I was hoping and praying that diamonds would spill out as I opened the lid. Yes, sometimes I do live in a dream world. When I opened the box I wasn’t overcome by real sparkles but rather one of the most beautiful bottles of sparkling water I’ve ever laid eyes on! The new S. Pellegrino bottle for Bulgari is one bottle that will certainly never be opened! It now has prime position on my office bookcase where I can glance over and dream of one day wearing as beautiful a necklace as this green bottle is sporting. 

There will, however, be parties all over the world that will be showcasing and using the water as the S. Pellgrino/Bulgari bottle is actually in celebration of Bulgari’s 125 anniversary. Also keep an eye out for this gorgeous piece in the hands of waiters in fine restaurants and bars! Here’s a closer look at the beauty so you can act cool instead of shocked all to high hell when you see if for the first time. Absolutely love these little collaborations… pure genius!


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