Shopping Heathrow in central London…

Yesterday I pretended to be a first class traveler as I shot up to the 31st floor of Centre Point to attend the Heathrow Press Event at Paramount. First of all, I can’t imagine a better location in London for an airport press event. Having it all take place at a height where you could actually be taking off in a plane is absolutely brilliant! The view of London was gorgeous, as is always the case as you look out from one of the tallest buildings in central London. But what was on offer was even more spectacular. Heathrow has reminded me once again why I absolutely love their airport above all others in London and it has nothing to do with the transportation and everything to do with what you do before you even step one foot onto the plane! 

You see I have a tiny problem with airports. When I enter Heathrow my financial brain switches off and I somehow begin to think that whatever I purchase doesn’t really count on my credit card. I am an instant millionaire. And oh the trouble this does put me in! I end up buying £250 headphones because I left mine at home, fur stoles from Harrods because it’s cold where I’m headed or bikinis from Missoni because it just looks so much cooler than the one I have packed. Now whenever I know I’m flying through Heathrow I just show up at the airport with a bag that is half empty as I know I’ll have no trouble filling it! Are you starting to understand why this shopping mecca is such a problem for me?

Yesterday I was given an even bigger reason to show up at the airport with a completely empty suitcase. I was taken around the shops and shown what we can expect to appear on shelves in the coming months. Not only did I find half my Christmas present list, I also discovered a few items I’ll be putting in my own stocking this year. Before I give you a quick glimpse of what I previewed I’ll just remind you of a few things when it comes to shopping at Heathrow.

1. Did you know that Harrods stocks three wardrobes at all times – work, resort and casual? That is very handy indeed when you’ve left something at home.

2. One of my personal faves for eating at Heathrow is Rhubarb – see below.

3. Don’t forget to check out Duty Free – the prices really are a world of difference from what we find on our local high streets!

That’s all…enjoy…


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