Rihanna on the tube…tracked by twitter!

@Lisamariesays_ deserves a lot of credit today only she isn’t getting any! So FFG thought we’d share some love and give credit where credit is due! Across numerous newspapers and websites this morning Lisa-Marie’s photo is being used without an ounce of credit! Lisa-Marie was the young woman responsible for breaking the story “Rihanna’s on the Tube” and doing so with a photo as well! 

Last night Lisa-Marie tweeted:

“I met @Rihanna on my way home, told her she was crazy for taking the tube she said ‘Dunno how you guys do it’

The tweet went viral and within minutes the whole world knew that Rihanna was into taking public transport! 

Then the mainstream media picked up on it and Lisa-Marie tweeted the following this morning:

“Haha crazy! Hey @themetrolondon you cheeky things you could have asked to use my snap 😉

So if you are retweeting or citing this photo today make sure and throw a little love to the lucky lady who captured it all! {images above courtesy of @Lisamariesays_}


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