Personalized Henry Holland Tights!!! I’m over the moon!!!

How do I begin to describe my excitement at receiving personalized Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Tights? I’ll start by apologizing for me throwing images up which show me flashing my legs like a streetwalker but wouldn’t you if you had tights with your first and last name written on them?! I will say I never ever thought I’d wear tights that made such a statement! However, as soon as they arrived this afternoon I found myself planning the perfect outfit with which they would make their debut on the town. What began as a plan for a big night out ended with me having the rummage in the office and put together an outfit based on what I had in the spare closet. It was entirely random but there’s the good news: these tights make up for any hodge-podge ensemble I threw together! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Henry Holland, House of Holland, Pretty Polly and TCS! 

For those looking for your own statement tights check out Pretty Polly’s website. It’s all about the statement from head to toe these days!


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