Olivia Inge for The Body Shop

We couldn’t wait to share this little ditty! One of the fashion goose’s most glamourous friends, Olivia Inge, is the star of a new campaign for The Body Shop.  Olivia is seen dancing around the streets of London promoting the newest fragrance from The Body Shop called White Musk Libertine. The original White Musk range was launched by The Body Shop in 1981 and was the first cruelty-free musk fragrance ever to hit shelves! Sales exceeded expectations and 2.5 White Musk fragrances were sold per minute! I think that says it all about how popular this scent is. 

So what’s new about the White Musk Libertine? Well this new scent is built with a whole new woman in mind. It’s all about “modern libertines and their multifaceted personalities.”  For this I truly could think of no one more suited to represent the brand than supermodel Miss Olivia Inge! Except to discover notes of sweet Turkish delight, chantilly cream, orchids and of course that wonderful musk which brings out the true beauty of the fragrance.

The new scent is in stores from this month and prices start from as low as £9!

** NOTE: Yes, we are shamelessly promoting one of the most gorgeous models on earth here who we are lucky enough to call our friend. But we’re also excited about the new fragrance. Please excuse our intense enthusiasm for both! We can’t help ourselves!**


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