Macy’s in the UK!!!!

Alright, sadly there isn’t actually a Macy’s department store in the UK but there might as well be as now they ship to the United Kingdom. I’m having a miniature anxiety attack as I sit and write this in my chair. That means we’ll be able to shop the Giambattista Valli collection for Macy’s when it hits the shops in the USA. Unfortunately we’ve already missed Karl Lagerfeld’s collection but Macy’s has their finger on the pulse when it comes to designer collaborations so watch this space! And of course the Rachel Rachel Roy Collection is always in stock and one of my favourite lines at Macy’s so definitely have a look at that!

I thought I’d give you a quick glimpse of what I just threw in my shopping cart! Not having to buy a £500 plane ticket to shop in NYC means more money to spend online 😉

Macys UK


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