Lisa Eldridge: The Makeup Makeover Goddess

Two weeks ago, while on set at a photo shoot (which unfortunately I’m not allowed to talk about yet), I had the great pleasure in meeting one of the world’s most talented and sweetest makeup artists Lisa Eldridge. She also just happens to be one of the best looking women on the planet who honestly looks like she doesn’t need one bit of the products she promotes! Yes, I’m jealous! 

When I was on the shoot one of the other women on set mentioned Lisa’s website as I was complaining I didn’t know the first thing about really having fun with makeup, let alone the basics! She said I needed to sit down and watch some of Lisa’s tutorials online. 

So along comes Friday night and I’m getting ready for a night out so I thought I’d sit down and let Lisa help me, through her online tutorials, with my makeup. Here’s where the problem set in. I did one and then I got addicted. What was supposed to be a night out ended with me sitting and writing lists three pages long of products I needed to go out and buy as Lisa was telling me everything I needed to know about transforming my look! I was hooked! I also ended up spending around £200 that weekend on makeup and tools needed for futher tutorials. However, the great thing about Lisa is that she talks just as much about the products you can buy at Boots as the products you can buy at Selfridges. So while I did spend a lot of money, I also got a lot of bang for my buck! Anywho…Lisa’s website is and I highly recommend checking it out as you will learn more than you ever thought possible! I’ve also included two tutorials herewith that I guarantee will grab you, hook, line and sinker! Prepare for a transformation… here’s Lisa!


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