Lagerfeld’s Baptiste Giabiconi Dances with the Stars!

Well I never! It’s Baptiste Giabiconi and he’s on Dancing with the Stars in France! This is no joke. Karl Lagerfeld’s boyish muse is now a B-list celeb. There’s no two ways about it! Once you land a spot on Dancing with the Stars in any country your fate is sealed! It’s a reality star’s life ahead for you, my friend. However, he does have a leg up on every other reality star as who else can say they model for Chanel every season? I don’t think Kirstie Alley can claim the same! 

At this point we have to draw attention to what we believe would have been Baptiste’s formal audition for the show…Need we remind you of his first music video (watch at your own risk…)

Thanks to all the twitter followers who brought this “dancing with the stars” video to our attention! 

Well worth a share!


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