Kelly vs. Christina…the weight battle

This weekend Kelly Osbourne made comments on The Fashion Police, an E! Television show which she co-hosts with Joan Rivers, about Christina Aguilera’s weight.  Aguilera chose to wear a less than flattering ensemble when she recently appeared on stage for The Michael Jackson Tribute and the E! show decided to mark her as the ultimate fashion victim. Kelly commented “Trust me. I’m a  2/4. That’s not a 2/4!” She then continued by saying, “she called me fat for years. I was never THAT FAT.” The ruthless Joan Rivers then commented, “Lady Marmalade got in the peanut butter again.”

The battle between Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera has been well documented and has lasted much longer than any of us would care to admit we’ve been following. What’s particularly sad about this scenario is that both girls have fought a very public battle with their weight over the years and both have thrown venomous comments back and forth as one or the other sat from the sacred ground of a size 2-4 dress! 

First of all it is unfortunate that both Kelly and Christina have had such traumatic experiences when it comes to managing their bodies. The have sadly grown up in a world where every pound is monitored and then reported on the latest cover of US Weekly. Such scrutiny naturally leads to extremes and when it comes to these girls that has meant extreme weight gain and loss. There is no way that most of us can understand what pressures come with fame but I can only imagine there’s more than one night of crying yourself to sleep in that life. 

Here’s my two cents:

Ever heard that saying, Let He Who Is Without Sin cast the first stone.” Perhaps you should remember these wise words, Kelly, before attacking your next individual publicly on television as you sit there with a talentless group of individuals (unless you believe insulting people is a talent, which would just be too sad for words). Kelly, I know Christina Aguilera has commented on your weight in the past. However, grown up people out there  make it through life having insults thrown at them left, right and centre. But they do not choose to then turn around and look like children by throwing the insults back at others.Such actions make you look like a petulant child. It’s not pretty and it certainly isn’t endearing. 

End this battle, ladies.  Be adults and set an example for those who follow your every move. Whether we like to think about it or not, you are shaping future generations of young ladies. Think before you speak and remember taking the higher ground will always make you the winner! No comment is the best comment!


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