Fox-tastic Mulberry!

If we’re being honest here there are bags and then there are BAGS! What exactly do I mean by that? Well, I think what I’m trying to say is that there are bags you see and think “yeah, that’s cool and I could really use a bag like that in my collection.” Then there are bags that make you stop dead in your tracks and burst with excitement. These are the bags that you’ll do anything to own – take on a second job, not go out for a month or spend the next six weeks eating canned spaghetti. Mulberry’s Fox-tastic bags are in the later category without a shadow of a doubt. For me, personally, it’s so much more than just a Mulberry bag. My college mascot was actually a Fox (Go Sweet Briar!) and if I don’t have every single one of these pieces to show off at college reunions for the next decade, I’ll feel I’ve cheated myself and my classmates! So I am presently looking at finances and credit card limits and wondering how I can make this happen…as it has to happen!!! I need a Mulberry Fox in my life! {images courtesy of Mulberry}


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