FFG’s Top 10 fashion moments in movies

Fashion in film is a topic I could go on about forever. There are so many moments in the movies that have influenced by wardrobe. However, there are 10 movies that come to mind instantly when it comes to memorable moments for fashion! In no particular order, here are some clips that I always keep close at hand for inspiration…

1. Pretty Woman

2. Sex and The City Movie 2 – Shopping Carrie’s Closet…not your traditional shopping scene but still one of the best!

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – of course I saved the best for last. The opening scene of this movie is one of the most iconic moments in fashion history!

4. The Devil Wears Prada – no list would be complete without it!

5. Love Story – who doesn’t love this scene of preppies playing in the snow? The style scene in this movie has influenced so much today!

6. Clueless – still one of my favourite movies of all time and here’s a look at all Cher’s oufits in less than 60 seconds!

7. 27 Dresses – a hilarious scene featuring 27 dresses…it’s horrible fashion at its finest!

8. The Great Gatsby – Ralph Lauren is responsible for everything in this movie, need I say more?

9. Sweet Home Alabama – the trailer says it all and includes the famous Tiffany store proposal…

10. Troop Beverly Hills – this whole movie’s a fashion moment! If you haven’t seen it you simply must give in and rent or better yet buy!


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